10 photos that will make you want to visit historic Quito

10 photos that will make you want to visit historic Quito

The historical centre of Quito, Ecuador was designated as the first UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site along with Warsaw in Poland in 1978 (For more about Warsaw, click here). The historical part of Ecuador’s capital city is centred around a beautiful square called Plaza de la Independencia (Independence Square) or Plaza Grande. It’s filled with benches, fountains and statues and and bordered by key colonial-era buildings and gift shops. The area itself isn’t huge, but it’s well worth an afternoon visit if you’re in Quito or are planning a trip to visit the Equator in Ecuador.

When the weather’s nice in Quito, you’ll find locals basking in the sunshine in the park, which has a lovely, relaxed atmosphere. It’s worth taking a stroll along Calle Garcia Moreno, either along the top walkway and right past the guards at the entrance of the Presidential Palace (Carondelet Palace) or at street level to dip in and out of shops selling local gifts and postcards. At the heart of Plaza de la Independencia there is a memorial to those who lost their lives fighting for Ecuadorian independence, which was finally gained for the whole country in 1822.

Here are 10 photos taken in Quito’s historical centre that will hopefully inspire you to take a trip to one of the most important and well-preserved old towns in Latin America.

1. Monument to Heroes de la Independencia

Quito's monument for heroes of independence surrounded by benches, trees and lamppost

2. View of Plaza de la Independencia from Carondelet Palace

Elevated view of monument and trees in Plaza de la Independencia

3. Carondelet Palace guards on duty

Guards outside the entrance to Presidential Palace wearing traditional blue, red and yellow military dress of Ecuador

4. Pasaje Arzobispal (shopping centre next to Plaza de la Independencia)

Indoor seating area with tables and chairs and fountain in middle of room

5. Looking towards Plaza de la Independencia and the Cathedral of Quito

Street view with white colonial buildings and white cathedral in background

6. The two clock towers of the Basilica del Voto Nacional

Two neo-gothic clock towers flanking hill in background with statue on

7. Relaxing in the park

Green benches and lamppost in park with colonial buildings in background

8. Pedestrianised street along the side of Plaza de la Independencia

Pedestrianised paved street with white colonial building and palm tree

9. Locally-produced chocolate from Republica del Cacao – expensive but worth it!

Bars of chocolate with samples on shelves

10. Carondelet Palace

View of presidential palace with fountain in foreground and Ecuador flag in background