3 months to go until the Big Day

3 months to go until the Big Day

So here we are, well within 3 months of the Big Day. I experienced a bit of a lull with around 3 months and 2 weeks to go and I felt like the Wedding would never arrive. But moving on a couple of weeks and I feel the time hurtling away from us like nobody’s business. I’ve made countless lists, spent weeks chasing down RSVPs and spent an inordinate amount of money on my new ‘bridal skincare regime’ and it all feels like it’s coming together and becoming real.

First up, I want to show off my major achievements since the last update – everyone needs to pat themselves on the back sometimes, right?

Bridal skincare routine

OK, let’s get this one out of the way first. I actually used to work in the cosmetics industry in a past life so have a fairly good understanding of the importance of looking after your skin. And that’s all the time, not just in the run up to a special event. However, this is very much one of those ‘do as I say, not as I do’ situations and I have to confess, I haven’t really ever regularly and consistently used a moisturiser. There, I said it – shock horror that my skin isn’t literally falling off my face but there you go. I think a lot of this stems from having awful acne in my teens and early 20s and an oily complexion: I avoided anything like oily serums and moisturisers like the plague. Anyway, I still get the odd pimple and I still have oily/combination skin, but I thought it was high time to remedy this neglected skin situation.

My next challenge was that there is an overwhelming selection of skincare products available on the market, and there’s really no way to tell exactly whether they’ll work for you or not without buying and using them. I was thinking about different things I’d tried in the past and I remembered this amazing scrub I once had. It took a while to remember the brand but I dredged the name up from the depths of my memory: Espa. I remembered it was gentle on my skin and smelt amazing, so last week I took the plunge and bought the scrub again as well as a foaming cleanser and a moisturiser. I also chose a serum sample for free with my order that is absolutely incredible, so will probably be ordering a full-size version of this soon! I’m only 3 days into this new routine but my skin’s feeling better already and hopefully I’ll be able to stick to it this time!

Hen do

Moving this post on now I’ve raved about skincare for far too many words, I’ve also had confirmations from all the girls attending my hen do! This is at the start of October and should be a blissful weekend of relaxation and pampering at Hoar Cross Hall in Staffordshire. Sorted.

Wedding rings

Oh my life, I’m so excited about these! We took a trip to Birmingham a few weeks ago and chose and ordered the rings. Delivery is up to 6 weeks so I’m glad we didn’t leave this any later. I’m so impatient about this bit and can’t wait for them to arrive – although I don’t know how I’m going to resist trying my ring on all the time in the run up to the wedding!

Party invitations

FINALLY this is nearly done. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, wedding stationery has been basically my least favourite wedmin task. Anyway, invitations were delivered to us last week from Tavern Creative on Etsy and they look amazing. I wrote the names and addresses for the majority of them at the weekend. I did realise that I had no intention of licking 80 envelopes though so we’re just waiting on stickers now to seal them before posting (probably at the end of this week).

Catamaran cruise

OK – this is the most exciting thing I’ve now booked over the past couple of weeks. We wanted to do something to say thank you to our guests who are travelling all the way to the Caribbean so we’ve arranged a private catamaran cruise including lunch, drinks and snorkelling. I think this is going to be a highlight of our week in Barbados!

Despite making really good progress, there are still a few last things to take care of. With 3 months to go, these are the things on my list that I’m either waiting for or have yet to sort out:


Chasing RSVPs really is tedious but a necessary evil as we need to confirm guest numbers soon! We’ve had most of the responses now but I’m looking forward to finally crossing this one off the list and confirming the seating plan, meal choices and hotels for the pickup we’re doing for the wedding.

Wedding dress and accessories

Since my last update I had some less-than-ideal news about the dress: apparently it failed quality control with the designer and has had to be remade from scratch. As such, the fitting in July never happened and because of seamstress availability my first fitting isn’t until mid-September. As far as I’m aware, it should be with the shop by the end of next week; although I wasn’t too worried about it when I heard the news last month, I am getting a tiny bit stressed thinking about it now. Watch this space.

In terms of accessories, I’m getting a lace popover made which will be done at the same time as my dress fitting although I don’t need this to be ready until the end of November. Other accessories include:

  • Shoes: bought and in my wardrobe
  • Veil: bought and should be arriving this week
  • Earrings: bought and should be arriving this week
  • Hair vine: planning to choose one and buy this week


Ah yes, the fun bit, where your vendors relieve you of your hard-earned cash. We have quite a lot of balances to settle over the next couple of months, but the great thing is that nearly everything will be paid for by the time we actually get married! The exceptions are going to be one of our honeymoon hotels that’s payment on check out, the catamaran cruise balance plus any holiday spend on restaurants/excursions. I’ll probably do another post on this after the wedding with my recommendations for ways to pay for a destination wedding and other money-related things to bear in mind as it can be quite different to paying for things in the UK!

So that’s where we’re up to at the moment. It’s safe to say I’m now giddy with excitement like a small child and I’m sure the next couple of months will race away. Bring on the rum punch!

P.S. Literally can’t wait to not have to use stock photos in all wedding-related posts…