6 months to go – destination wedding update

6 months to go – destination wedding update

With just over 6 months to go now until the wedding (where has the time gone?!), I thought it was high time for a destination wedding update! I know, are you as excited as me right now?!

So, where are we at? We’re not doing too badly to be honest. I’m not going to lie, our wedding planner in Barbados is turning out to be a lifesaver. She’s been taking care of everything, including liasing with suppliers and making sure we’re making prompt decisions on important things (like the photographer). So here’s our list of what’s sorted, what’s happening next and what’s still a bit further down the line!

The wedding day

  • Cake: One of the very first things that we sorted and signed off on. We’re going to have vanilla and rum cupcakes that our guests can take away after the party, with a small tier on top that we can cut.
  • Flowers: I feel like people put so much store in the flowers. Yes, I want them to look nice but realistically, do any flowers look really dreadful? We’ve gone for more local flowers even though my Pinterest pictures were inevitably full of roses (which are apparently really expensive flowers).
  • Decor/colours: I’ve found that our colours have evolved as we’ve gone through this process. I like to think of myself as towards the bridechilla side of the bridechilla-bridezilla scale, so as long as the colours are roughly what I have in mind I’m not too fussed. At the moment we’re working towards a base of white and ivory with purples and lilacs.
  • Floorplan: This has worked out quite nicely – we’re having our ceremony and reception in our villa and our wedding planner has separated it out nicely into different sections for each part of the day. Hopefully no-one will fall in the pool during the drinks reception…
  • Photographer: Choosing a photographer has been really straightforward – we had a budget in mind and our wedding planner just sent us 3 to choose from. I definitely think limiting choices has its advantages!
  • Food: Turning out to be the trickiest part. We’re going to give guests a choice of two options for each course, but we’re currently having a hard time working out what the best options are for us to choose so that we both like the food and various family members will also like at least one option each. I think we’ll revisit this another time as it all got a bit too heated when we tried to make a decision last week…
  • Music: We’ll be keeping things simple. We’re planning on having steel pans at our cocktail hour post-ceremony before switching over to a DJ for the party.
  • Drinks: After receiving an extremely expensive quote from our wedding planner on this, we’ve decided to go it alone for the drinks and pick them up ourselves. This involves slightly risky coordination of ourselves and family members to maximise our duty free alcohol allowance when we fly out and thereby source champagne much more cheaply. Other than that, we’ll be stocking up on copious amounts of rum from the local supermarkets in Barbados.
  • Wedding dress: All done and dusted back in November. I spent a day shopping with my Mum in Staffordshire, where I grew up and found a beautiful ivory floor length gown that’s appropriate for the tropics… but you’ll have to wait for the pictures for more details! I hadn’t realised that dresses take so long to come in from the designer, so I should be going for my first fitting when my dress arrives at the shop sometime in June.
  • Wedding shoes: very kindly bought by my future Mother-in-Law and already sitting ready to go in my wardrobe. I’ve opted for flats as I’m already 3 inches taller than the Groom and we’ll be having our ceremony on the lawn. The shoes are white, lace Jimmy Choos with a pointed toe and I can’t wait to wear them!
  • Groom’s outfit: This one is very much up to him. So far we’ve settled on a navy blue suit (I’m not having shorts during the wedding ceremony no matter what the temperature, sorry boys!) and he’ll be off to find one he likes sometime in the summer when suits are available in a lighter fabric.

The honeymoon

Although I’m super excited for the wedding itself, I still think our honeymoon will be the real treat. We’re going to be going to St Lucia then Antigua before coming home and we’ve opted for luxury options as it really is a very special holiday!

  • Flights: we’ll be flying with BA both ways as they offer direct flights to both Barbados and Antigua from London. Outbound we’ll be doing our first ever first-class flight and on the way back we’ll be flying business class. I still need to book our flights between the islands and then all the flights will be sorted.
  • Hotels: After much researching and agonising over Tripadvisor reviews, I’ve finally settled on and booked our hotels for St Lucia and Antigua. In St Lucia we’ll be staying in Serenity at Coconut Bay, which is an adults-only resort, and in Antigua we’ve chosen Cocobay resort, which consists of lots of villa cottages right on the beach. Both are all-inclusive, which we wouldn’t usually go for but will be a nice, easy option after we’ve had a busy time in Barbados.

Other miscellaneous prep

  • Save the dates: We sent these out quite a while ago to give everyone nearly a year’s notice as coming out to Barbados for our wedding is a big commitment!
  • Invitations: The final proofs are currently sitting with me awaiting approval before going to print. I’m hoping these will have arrived by the end of the month so we can get these posted and start getting our RSVPs.
  • Website: Ongoing. I’m currently waiting for John to do his IT thing and build the website before I can start putting all the fun stuff on there!
  • Hen and stag dos: We haven’t spent that much time thinking about these really as they still seem so far away! We aren’t having any bridesmaids or best men so it’s really up to us to arrange our own. I’ve got as far as knowing I’d really like to do a spa weekend for mine but other than that haven’t made any other plans.
  • Wedding rings: We’re planning to buy these in June/July. I think of all the things we have to make decisions on and buy, this one is one of the most important and also the easiest!