Top 5 reasons to consider an all-inclusive hotel for your beach holiday

30th March 2017 No Comment

Out of all the accommodation options available to me, the all-inclusive hotel is one of those I would be least likely to consider. This is probably due to the fact the only all-inclusive hotels I’ve ever heard about have been the ones included in cheap as chips package holidays in Spain and the ensuing horror stories about cockroaches, filthy rooms, dirty swimming pools and hordes of screaming children and drunk teenagers. However, during my recent trip to the Nassau in the Bahamas, options for business-appropriate hotels were limited and I ended up in an all-inclusive on the beach. And I have to say, I loved it! If you’re looking for a completely fuss-free holiday option, this is it.

Although I was there for business and didn’t get to experience the full benefits as you would if you were on holiday, here are the reasons I would consider choosing an all-inclusive hotel again for a chilled-out beach holiday:

  1. It does what it says on the tin. Although the prices generally appear much higher than your average hotel, this means no need to spend extra on meals or drinks, and a lot of all-inclusive hotels will also throw in free activities i.e. evening events or basic water sports. My hotel in Nassau had Karaoke nights and offered snorkels, kayaks and boogie boards free of charge for guests on the all-inclusive rate.
  2. The best all-inclusive hotels are almost like small towns in their own right. As they are catering to a lot of guests who possibly have no intention whatsoever of leaving the hotel at all during their stay, they will often have their own mini-malls inside as well as several outdoor pools to choose from. I found that facilities were well-maintained and the hotel was spacious enough to not feel claustrophobic.
  3. Food and drink. I’d recommend checking out the restaurant facilities before you commit to an all-inclusive hotel; the better hotels will have a range of restaurant options to choose from (usually around 6-10 restaurants) all offering different types of cuisine, from Asian fusion to Mexican. Unlimited alcoholic drinks are typically included, and although this usually excludes branded drinks it’s a nice touch and can be served at multiple bars indoors and outdoors by the pool/beach!
  4. The beach. Hotels like this will often have a private beach reserved specifically for hotel guests. This is great as it means the beach isn’t such a free-for-all for tourists (although can still get busy during peak periods) and is hopefully also a bit safer as people targeting wealthy tourists on the beach can’t access the private beaches.
  5. Caters to everyone. Both families and couples can enjoy this kind of holiday and some hotels will also offer special rates/accommodation to allow you to access adult-only parts of the resort. This can be great for couples who want to get away from the busier parts of the hotel and relax. For families, there is often a lot of entertainment provided for both adults and children as part of the all-inclusive activities.

Water sports available at the resort

One of the 3 outdoor pools


My favourite – smoked salmon for breakfast


Enjoying a Bahama mama cocktail on the beach

Selling conch shells

If you’re looking for nothing more than a lovely, relaxing holiday with sea, sun and sand, an all-inclusive could be the way to go. There will also be additional activities for an extra charge such as boat trips, snorkelling excursions, treasure hunts and spa treatments. Where’s your favourite all-inclusive beach resort? Let me know in the comments below!