Café Pergamino, Medellin

26th November 2016 No Comment

Although I’ll sit down at some point and do a separate post on Medellin more generally, I feel that Café Pergamino warrants its own post. Earlier this week I was in Medellin on my second visit to this lovely city in the heart of Colombia and the one thing I had to do was visit Café Pergamino. I went here the first time I was in Medellin as it’s consistently recommended as serving the best coffee in the world. Everyone raves about it, and even as someone who’s really not keen on coffee, I can see why.

Café Pergamino has a great selection of drinks but both times I went for a chocolate frappucino, which is absolutely divine. It’s made with Pergamino coffee, chocolate syrup and plenty of whipped cream on top served in a Pergamino mason jar – muy delicioso! This time I also decided to try some of their food as this also comes highly recommended. The croissant was OK but the real star was the chocolate brownie I had, which was absolutely heavenly and not to be missed if you’re ever at Café Pergamino!

The café is located in the Zona Rosa district of Medellin, which is a lovely area to walk around during the day and apparently turns into a party hotspot at night, although I haven’t experienced this! It has an outside terrace or if you prefer you can sit inside in the lovely wood-decorated café. The staff are very friendly and the service is very good, even when your Spanish is limited. The atmosphere and decor is great and it’s perfect to visit with friends to take a break from the hustle and bustle of downtown Medellin.

The best thing about Café Pergamino is the fact that you can actually purchase the coffee they use there. They sell three different types of coffee beans that are all produced in Colombia and have different tastes: Lomaverde (hints of chocolate, caramel and yellow fruits), El Bombo (hints of Earl Grey, prune and tobacco) and Juanambú (hints of cherry, black tea and guava). These make perfect presents for any coffee lovers in your life and conveniently I visited just in time for Christmas! I’m pretty sure I’ll never be able to visit Medellin again without stopping off at Café Pergamino.