Time for a change – why I’m moving to a job with no travel

Time for a change – why I’m moving to a job with no travel

So this is it, my big news of the season – I’ve got a new job. And I’ll say this quickly to get it out of the way – it doesn’t involve any overseas travel. At all.

If you follow my travels at all, you’ll know that a lot of the trips I’ve done have been through work. I don’t really talk about my job because I like to keep my professional life separate from my personal life (i.e. blogging hobby), but basically for the last few years I’ve worked in several similar roles which have required me to travel for anything up to around 12 weeks a year.

As I’ve told people my big news, a lot of them have asked if I’ll be travelling, and it feels weird for me to say “actually no, not at all”. Well, my new company does seem to have a great social scene and I will be able to attend some events in the UK, but nothing like the travel I’ve been doing up to now.

In case you’re wondering, my decision to move jobs really was 100% my own decision, i.e. I haven’t been made redundant, had a contract end or otherwise. And I did actively decide that I don’t want to do this amount of travel with work anymore. To which many people may cry: “why?!”.

And I get it – who wouldn’t want to travel the world, all expenses paid? How fabulous, right?

Well… to a point. I do feel extremely fortunate that I’ve had some incredible opportunities to visit places I wouldn’t usually choose to visit or, in fact, be able to visit as a tourist. I’ve also met some wonderful colleagues along the way based all around the world who’ve become friends. But I think I’ve come to the end of my work travel road… for now, at least.

And I’m sure that any of you reading this who have ever or still do travel frequently overseas for work will be able to empathise to some extent. Behind all the Facebook statuses, the country count and the exotic Instagram posts, there’s a much less glamourous side to all that travel.

My main motivation for moving away from regular work travel is to regain some semblance of a social life. When you travel with work, arranging to meet friends and family becomes infinitely more challenging, as you’re never able to be very flexible. I think I’ve found this particularly challenging as a lot of my friends and family don’t live close by, so it does require some planning to see them even without being away for weeks on end.

Another, somewhat less pressing motivation is that I know that John and I will want to think about having a family in a few years. It’s still quite a way off and will be after we’re married next year, but I’d like to be settled into a new job where I’ll be able to manage that alongside children without feeling rushed to find more suitable employment.

As for the travel itself, whilst I may be able to use the airport lounges, it’s almost unheard of for me to find myself in any class other than Premium Economy at best. And I feel like the recycled plane air and jet lag ages me more with every trip!

So whilst it can be a perk that a lot of people love (for good reason) and that’s compatible with their lifestyle, it’s just not for me anymore. I’m looking forward to doing lots of things I haven’t been able to do for years, like joining a band, seeing more of my friends and even giving blood.

And what about the blog? Well, I have every intention of keeping up my personal travel, even if a lot of it won’t be as far-flung and unusual as some of my work travels have been! I’m hoping to have more weekends available to get out and explore the UK as well as get more involved with some local blogging groups. And of course, there are still a lot of unwritten articles I need to put up so I won’t be short of content and I’m going to keep working on my blog!

In the meantime, I have two more work trips to the Middle East to wrap up this chapter of my career. And once they’re all done and dusted, I’m looking forward to putting my feet up at the weekend and reading about other people’s adventures from the comfort of my own home!

Do you travel regularly for work? Let me know your favourite and not-so-favourite parts of work travel!