Life update: we’re engaged!

Life update: we’re engaged!

OK, so it’s actually been 2 months now since we got engaged and I’ve been super busy since then! Now that I finally have some time to sit down and reflect on this huge, incredible life event, I’m getting so excited! The proposal itself was perfect; I’d only just returned from my trip to Saudi Arabia, we went out for a lovely steak dinner and then came back home, which is where John popped the question. I know some people dream of a public proposal, but that’s not for either of us so ultra low-key was definitely the best way.

I’ve found it really interesting moving into this ‘life stage’, if you will, of being engaged. I’ve always wanted to get married and when you’re younger you have so many ideas about what it will be like, but I don’t think you can ever imagine the reality. We’ve been living together for a couple of years now, so we’re very settled in our house and relationship so getting engaged and married was the next logical step. We’d already discussed it, had basically come up with a wedding plan and our families (and me) were getting impatient for the actual proposal. But I suppose I hadn’t anticipated such a huge outpouring of love and well-wishes from everyone we know, which has made the experience even more special for me.

Now, I’m not really the romantic type and I sense this post getting dangerously gushy and lovey-dovey, so moving on to our plans for the wedding! We’re having an 18-month engagement (which is rapidly racing away) as neither of us want a particularly long engagement. I feel like 18 months would have been really long back in the day but that actually seems quite short these days. And for the wedding itself… we’re going full out for a destination wedding in the Caribbean! There are quite a few reasons we’ve chosen to do this rather than stay in the UK for our wedding, which I’ll go into in a separate post, but the main gist is that some of our fondest memories together have been on holiday and we want a small wedding, so this seemed like a great option for us.

Once we’ve had our wedding, we’ll go straight into our honeymoon in the Caribbean for a couple of weeks followed by a reception in the UK to celebrate with a larger group of friends and family. It’ll be a winter reception, so initial thoughts include mulled wine on arrival and a hog roast (with gravy, as per the groom’s request!).

I’m going to try and post updates throughout the engagement and I hope you’ll enjoy following along as we/I plan our wedding celebrations and honeymoon overseas. I’m sure it’ll be an interesting journey full of lots of ups and some downs, and hopefully by the end I’ll be in a much better position to impart any destination-wedding-wisdom to any future brides considering doing the same!