My current (full!) travel wishlist

My current (full!) travel wishlist

Happy New Year everyone! And what with it not only being a new year, but also a new decade (can you believe it?!) I thought it would be fun to write down all the places I’m keen to visit in the next decade. Some of these I have planned for a couple of years’ time but maybe I’ll be able to tick some of them off sooner if I win the lottery or something. It sounds a bit mad but I love planning travel so I really do have specific ideas of when we’ll be doing these trips. Things get a lot murkier after our big trip to Australia we have planned for 2022 but we still have lots more destinations to visit after that.

Let me know if you’ve already travelled to any of these places and have any recommendations for things to do or specific areas to visit. Or perhaps some of these are also on your travel wishlist? Finally, if you’re going to be heading to any of these places soon I’d love to hear from you so I can follow your social media accounts for inspiration!


September – Canada

If you’ve read my blog for a while now, you’ll know that in a previous job I regularly travelled to Canada for work. And if you’ve known me even longer than that, you’ll know that I lived in Canada for 6 months during my year abroad when I was studying French. But it’s been a couple of years now since I was last in the beautiful country so it’s high time for us to head back there. My first trip abroad with John was to Montreal so for our next Canadian adventure we’re going to head several time zones west to Vancouver and the Rockies. I know this part of Canada reasonably well but I’m really excited to see it as a tourist and not as a business traveller.

Looking through trees across harbour with boats at Vancouver apartment blocks
View of Vancouver from Stanley Park


December – Munich, Germany

This is another trip we’ve done a couple of times before – and if you want to know why we’re going to do it again, check out this post. Munich is an amazing Christmas market destination so we can’t wait to go back. We’ve previously done this trip on alternating years but had to skip two in a row because of our wedding in October (still haven’t found that money tree!). This time we’re hoping to go with some friends who also want to visit Munich and start feeling festive at the start of December.


April – Japan

Throughout my life, my travels have more often taken me west than east so I have limited experience travelling in Asia. However, I’m planning on changing that over the next few years! First up is going to be Japan in 2021. This has been high on our travel wishlist for a while: we both love Japanese food and are so interested to see the culture and the scenery. I have this planned for April to try and catch the cherry blossoms but we’ll see if we manage to stick to this timetable!

Photo by Sora Sagano on Unsplash


Spring/summer – Australia

The biggy! We’ve always said that if we’re going to travel to Australia then we’re not going to do it on a shoe-string budget. And it’s not the cheapest destination anyway! This will be one where no doubt we’ll need to save up our leave as we want a good three weeks over there to make the most of our trip. We’re also planning on stopping in Dubai on the way out (which will be John’s first time there) and Singapore on the way back (more Asia).

Photo by Dan Freeman on Unsplash

Other destinations

These are the big ones we have planned so far but I’m sure we’ll also squeeze in some of our short-haul wishlist destinations as we go. These obviously don’t need to be planned as far in advance as they’re much cheaper and have more flight availability. I’m hoping we can start building in some long-weekend trips to maximise trips and minimise annual leave taken (full-time employee goals amirite?):

  • Berlin, Germany
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Croatia/Montenegro
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Prague, Czechia
  • Madeira, Portugal
  • Iceland
  • Norway/Sweden/Finland
  • Krakow (specifically to visit Auschwitz)
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Estonia/Latvia
  • Ukraine
Tromso, Norway

I also have these medium haul destinations on my wishlist:

  • Jordan*
  • Oman*
  • St Petersburg, Russia

* I have actually visited both of these countries before with work but hardly did anything of interest whilst there!

Photo by luka lojk on Unsplash

And finally, some more fabulous long-haul options:


  • Vietnam
  • Chile/Argentina
  • Safari (possibly in Tanzania/Kenya)
  • Sri Lanka
  • Hawaii
  • Nepal/Bhutan
Santiago, Chile

So many places, so little time… where are you planning to travel in 2020 and beyond? Do you have any travel goals for the next decade?