What I’ve been up to this month – December 2018

What I’ve been up to this month – December 2018

December… always a manic month for most people I imagine! I love Christmas and it’s my birthday just before, but will anyone really blame me if I say I’m (not so) secretly glad it’s nearly over? I think it’s a beautiful time of year with lots of festive events, catching up with old friends and spending time with family, but it can get pretty exhausting. In the middle of the month our household was also plagued with food poisoning, which took some of the joy out of the Christmas prep. I’m quite happy to be back at home now, ready to sit down and relax with my new stash of gin I’ve been gifted this year.


Travel has been minimal this month with only a few visits to family in different parts of England. I’ve also taken quite a few day trips to London in December with work and I’ve enjoyed glimpsing the sights in the city whilst racing between meetings. Coming into the start of 2019, my monthly travel updates look set to stay on the local side rather than adventures abroad as we prepare for our dream trip to the Caribbean for our wedding and honeymoon towards the end of the year. We’re planning on spending weekends exploring different parts of the Cotswolds near to where we live so watch this space for UK travel inspo!


I feel like things are starting to fall into place a bit more for our wedding next year. It’s actually coming around really soon but I’m currently not worried or stressed with the planning. This is mainly due to our amazing wedding planner in Barbados who sends me regular updates and seems to be able to accommmodate pretty much anything we ask for. At the start of this month she sent me our wedding mood board (created from my Pinterest board) and a plan for where all parts of our wedding will take place. As we’re in a private villa she’s also done a site visit to make sure everything we’re planning is feasible – so far, so good! We made big progress on the travel arrangement front this month as we booked our flights just before Christmas and took advantage of cheaper prices in the BA sale (on until the end of January).


I had all of it this month. I think that sounds about right! As well as consuming copious amounts of food and alcohol throughout the month, I was gifted several more bottles that I’ll be enjoying soon. My future in-laws know me all too well and bought me a giant bottle of Harvey’s sherry and I also received some of my favourite gin – Warner Edwards Rhubarb. It’s a local gin to us as it’s made in Northamptonshire (where we live) and it’s absolutely delicious with an elderflower tonic.

I decorated my Christmas cake the week before Christmas and after 3 months of feeding with brandy it was a pretty tasty fruit cake (if I do say so myself!). This year’s design was a holly wreath with a bow and I’m already starting to think about the design for next year!


At the start of December I played in a concert with my local concert band, in a Church surrounded by Christmas trees! It was lovely to get in the festive spirit and it’s the first time I’ve played a concert for a few years so it’s lovely to get back into playing music, which I used to do a lot. For films, I resisted watching any of Netflix’s dreadful incredible Christmas offerings until the start of December. I then immediately watched The Princess Switch, which I didn’t think was anywhere near as terrible as it could have been and I actually really enjoyed! Over Christmas I watched Top Gun with my family, which I’ve never seen before and was entertaining for many more reasons than originally intended no doubt… Finally, this month I’ve started reading Idaho by Emily Ruskovich.


I’m not going to lie and pretend I’m some kind of fitness saint during the month of December… all I’ve actually done so far this month is cancel my gym membership. I’ve done this because not only have I not been going, but I mainly went to that particular gym for a yoga class, which has now moved elsewhere. I also really need to just accept that I despise gym cardio. So instead, for cardio my plan is to join the new swimming pool which has opened in my town. We’re also getting a gym where I work, which should be open at the end of January so I’ll be able to use this for weight workouts at the end of a day at the office.

Having said that, on 30th we did manage to get out and go for the first of what I hope is many walks in the Cotswolds, followed by a pub lunch (of course). I’m keen for us to get out and about in the Cotswolds more as it’s not at all far from where we live and it’s such a beautiful part of the country.

Next month

January is usually a tough month for me – anyone else? However, this year I’ve become more aware of why this is (never-ending nights and gloomy days) and I’m determined not to let it get to me. I have a sun-simulating alarm clock, which I think has really helped me this winter and has kept some of the SAD syndrome at bay. We have some more weekends free now and I’m planning some walks in the Cotswolds as well as some trips to visit friends around the country. Wedding planning will also continue and the next step is to confirm the guest list for our at-home reception in November. I’m looking forward to using some of the downtime I’ll have in January to get into some kind of swimming routine and get back to a healthier diet after all the December bingeing!