11 Ways To Make Your Home Cosy For Autumn

11 Ways To Make Your Home Cosy For Autumn

Now that October is here, it’s high time to crack out the Autumn decor (if you haven’t already!) If you’re anything like me, you’ll love scouring the internet for tips on how to bring that autumnal joy to your house. In this post, I’m sharing 11 ways to make your home cosy for Autumn… without breaking the bank or going too crazy (although, is there really such thing as too much Autumn decor?!).

1. Orange tones

First up on the list is the easiest to achieve – add anything orange or earth-toned to several rooms and you’re well on your way to making your home cosy for Autumn. I always swap out some of my sofa cushions in the living room for orange ones at this time of year. Bring on those cosy nights in front of Strictly Come Dancing and Harry Potter!

2. Switch up soft furnishings

I already mentioned cushions, but don’t forget about other soft furnishings champions whenever the seasons change: throws. As the nights draw in, I can often be found curled up on the sofa wrapped in a thick blanket. In fact, I use them so often throughout the year that we have a stash at the back of the living room. 

When it comes to colours, think about oranges, browns and earth-tones. If you’re keen on patterns, you can’t go wrong with plaid at this time of year. And don’t forget about textures: we have a gorgeous, thick-knit throw that is perfect for a cosy Autumn vibe. Fleece and velvet are also perfect as the nights draw in.

Other soft furnishings you can use to bring Autumn inside include rugs, draft excluders and Autumn themed bedding (if you’re really keen!).

3. Candles

I mean, I couldn’t possibly write this list without including candles on it. Is there anything that will make your home more cosy this Autumn than a few well-placed and gorgeous smelling candles? I love heading to Next to top up my Autumn candles (try this pumpkin & ginger one) and Yankee Candle also do some gorgeous scents – Autumn Glow is delicious and sweet.

4. Autumn scents

On the subject of scented candles, you can also bring more Autumn scents to your home with diffusers, wax melts and potpourri. Again, I’d recommend Next for diffusers, or also try your local garden centre as they usually have lovely seasonal items in for your home. 

5. Pumpkins

Real or fake, I think we can all agree that no Autumn decor is complete without pumpkins. I have to confess, I’m not very good at having any real pumpkins around the house (they take up too much space to be honest), but I do love my sparkly pumpkins from John Lewis/Waitrose.

6. Dried flowers

I tend to go off real flowers at this time of year. To me, they feel much more like a Spring and Summer addition to my home. Plus they do seem to die pretty quickly… so as an alternative, I like to have dried flowers around the house instead. I bought these from Etsy and there are so many options on there to create your own dried flower arrangements. Plus, you’re supporting local sellers and small businesses, which is always a bonus. 

7. Autumn garlands and wreaths

Autumn garlands and wreaths are a great statement for your house at this time of year. I’ve been eyeing up Autumn wreaths for years now and still haven’t bitten the bullet and bought one (no idea why but hey). However, this year I saw this gorgeous Autumn garland at Next and couldn’t resist. It’s actually the perfect size for our banister so it was clearly meant to be. If you’re shopping for a wreath, Etsy is the place to go as there are so many beautiful options.

8. Napkins

Want to bring that cosy Autumn feel to your guests when they come over for drinks and nibbles or dinner? Make sure you have some Autumn-themed napkins on hand. They’re a small gesture but it adds a whole new level of attention-to-detail for the time of year. 

9. Kitchenware

Now, I could go crazy for Autumn kitchenware if it weren’t for the limited storage space we have in our kitchen. So I settled for some Autumn mugs (you guessed it, another Etsy purchase). But as Autumn is a fantastic time for cooking, what with stews, casseroles, soups and baking, I have had my eye on a few things. These pumpkin casserole dishes from Next look amazing. I also spotted this year’s Halloween collection from Le Creuset if you wanted to treat yourself. 

10. Bathrooms

Bathrooms aren’t necessarily the first place you’d think of when it comes to setting up your Autumn decor. But it’s worth paying your downstairs bathroom a bit of attention as this is the one that your guests will usually use. Simply switching out your hand towel for something more autumnal like this one from next and added a seasonal hand soap will keep the cosy vibes going (even in unexpected places!).

11. Bedrooms

When it comes to bedrooms, my tips to make your home more cosy this Autumn are more practical… although that’s not to say they can’t still look good. Now the weather has turned chillier, it’s time to bring out your bedspread for some extra warmth. And to extend the time until you have to turn the heating on. We have a navy bedspread from Dusk and it’s perfect for this time of year until the Spring when we’ll take it off again. Get ready to snuggle up!

Other tips to make your home cosy for Autumn:

  • Don’t feel pressured to go out and buy a tonne of new stuff just because it’s a new season. A lot of us are having to tighten our belts right now (hello, cost of living crisis), so don’t be afraid to re-use any decor you have from previous years. Some of my Autumn candles are on their 3rd year now and my Autumn napkins have been hanging around for many years too… I just don’t get through them that quickly!

  • Try not to overdo it. Yes, I know we all dream of having Pinterest-level Autumn decor, but imagine how impractical and irritating it would be to have every single surface covered in pumpkins. Sometimes, less is more when it comes to decorating an actual lived-in house. 

  • One of my favourite things about Autumn is the fireplace motif and the idea of warming up by a fire after a brisk walk in the cooler air. However, if you live in a new build house like I do, you probably don’t have a fireplace. My top hack for this is to head over to YouTube and find a crackling fireplace video, then put this on your TV. No heat, but you can at least get the visual and the sounds.