Top 10 Spring Cleaning Tips: Easy Spring Cleaning Checklist 2023

Top 10 Spring Cleaning Tips: Easy Spring Cleaning Checklist 2023

As soon as March arrives, it’s time to start thinking about that annual Spring clean! I’m not a huge fan of cleaning, but I do love having a clean house, so I’m all about finding a way of cleaning and sorting out the house efficiently. Here are my top 10 Spring Cleaning Tips to freshen up your house this Spring.

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1. Make a plan

My top tip is to make a plan. I’m a huge planner in all areas of my life and my house is no exception. Start by going around your whole house and making a list of what needs to be cleaned in each room. A Spring clean is a much deeper clean than usual, so make sure you’re checking each room in detail (yes, that includes taking a look behind your sofa). Once you have a list of all the tasks, you can group them into similar tasks to save time. For example, you might want to wash all your skirting boards in your house in one go.

2. Leave enough time

Make sure you leave enough time to do your Spring clean. Depending on the size of your flat or house, this could be anything from a few hours to a whole weekend. I find it helpful to identify a weekend that I’m going to do lots of things around the house so I can get stuck in without being interrupted.

3. Buy any specialist products ahead of time

You might find you need some specialist cleaning products that you don’t usually use for your deep Spring clean. We’ve been having problems with limescale at the bottom of our toilet bowls so we’ve had to try out a few different products that we haven’t previously used. Before you get stuck in, check you have everything you need to get your house sparkly clean. This could also include buying equipment like cheap toothbrushes and microfibre cloths to make sure you’re reaching all the nooks and crannies.

4. Declutter

I don’t believe you can truly do an effective Spring clean without first having a tidy space to work with. Tidying and decluttering should be one of the first tasks on your Spring cleaning list. Then you’ll find it much easier and quicker to do the actual cleaning part.

5. Walls, windows and doors

A Spring clean is the perfect time to wash your walls, windows and doors. I don’t know about you, but I don’t typically do this every week. You can use sugar soap and warm water for walls, glass cleaner for windows and general disinfectant for windowsills, doors and door handles.

6. Don’t forget about the bits you can’t see

For a proper deep clean, make sure you empty your cupboards and give the insides a good wipe down. This mainly applies to the kitchen and bathroom areas, but there may also be other drawers and cupboards around your house that could do with some TLC.

7. Reorganise your storage

And while you’re at it, your Spring clean is a great time to reorganise your storage and cupboards. Is everything still in the right place? Or is there a better use of your storage space that will help you keep your house less cluttered.

8. Remember to pay attention to drains and toilets

A yucky job but it’s worthwhile paying attention to your drains and toilets, especially if they’re prone to getting limescale like ours. Get a good drain unblocker and clear out all the drains in the kitchen and bathrooms. We do this more than once a year, but if you haven’t done it for a while, this is your reminder!

9. Fix/replace anything that’s broken

When you go around your house to do a Spring clean, you’ll undoubtedly notice that there are things that need fixing or replacing. Add them to a list and get it sorted! I know we’re certainly guilty of procrastinating when it comes to all those odd jobs that need doing around the house. But when you just get on and do it, it feels great that you’re on top of it and it makes your house look much smarter.

10. Enlist help

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for help! Everyone talks about doing a Spring clean as though it’s super easy and straightforward. But the reality is that we all have busy lives and sometimes need some help to stay on top of housework. Help comes in many forms, such as your other half, friends and family or cleaning companies that will happily come and do a big deep clean for you. If you do have a cleaner or arrange a deep clean, it’s still good to know exactly what you want them to do as part of the clean.