Hello and welcome to my blog, My Midlands Life. My name’s Catherine and I’m based in the Midlands region of the UK. After I graduated, I started my career spending 3 and a half years in a job that enabled (read: required) me to travel overseas for around 12 weeks per year. So in 2016 I started My Midlands Life as a way of documenting my overseas adventures.

Although I loved my what I did and seeing more exotic countries than I would travel to myself, I had to admit that business travel sounded much more glamourous than it actually was. So I moved to a more standard 9-5 UK-based role which allows me to spend more time at home, whether that’s vegging on the sofa or hanging out with family and friends. Much to my husband’s annoyance, I do still insist we go on holiday several times a year (a much more enjoyable way to travel). I’ve now visited 41 countries, and counting!

Since I started out writing my blog a lot has happened in my life, including moving in with (and marrying!) my husband and changing my career. But the one thing that never changes is my love of travelling. To reflect this, I do now write some lifestyle content but My Midlands Life is first and foremost my corner of the internet where I can share my travel experiences with you. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to keep exploring our wonderful world, whether you’re an avid adventure traveller or looking for a staycation in the UK. Happy reading!

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