How To Decorate Your Home For Easter

How To Decorate Your Home For Easter

Ah, Easter! The time of year when we’re finally emerging from the dismal Winter, Spring is most definitely in the air, birds are chirping, flowers are starting to bloom and we can finally ditch our big coats (most of the time). Over the last few years, I’ve found myself more and more drawn to decorating my house by season. The main decor (wall colours, furnishings etc.) usually stays the same, but with a layer of festive decorations on top. However, the one holiday I haven’t quite cracked yet is Easter. Until this year, that is… For some reason, decorating for Easter seems more challenging than decorating for Christmas. So here’s a quick guide to how to decorate your home for Easter.

When should you decorate your home for Easter?

If you’re going to the effort of decorating your home for Easter, you want to make sure you’re getting the most enjoyment out of your decor. But without looking like a crazy person and decorating too early. I recommend decorating around one month before Easter. And of course, the date changes so you won’t put out your Easter decor at the same time each year. As a rough guide, the start of March usually feels like the right time for me to start putting out Spring decor.

7 ways to decorate your home for Easter

1. Hang an Easter wreath

If there’s one way you can quickly and easily embrace Easter decor, it’s by hanging an Easter wreath. You can either go full on Easter and get a wreath replete with eggs and chicks, or opt for something a bit more subtly Spring-themed. This year, we’ve gone for this Spring wreath from John Lewis, which will last throughout the Spring season rather than being exclusive to Easter.

2. Add Easter touches to existing decor

I absolutely love how full on Christmas decor is, but there’s something to be said for the subtlety of Easter decor! It’s not about filling every nook and cranny of your house with eggs, chicks and bunnies. It’s more about enhancing your existing decor. For example, fill a vase with Easter stems instead of flowers (try these from Marks and Spencer). Or swap out plain storage canisters for Easter-themed containers.

3. Display fresh flowers, especially daffodils and tulips

Fresh flowers and Spring go hand-in-hand. Daffodils are always gorgeous and easily brighten up any room in your house at this time of year, as do tulips. Both of these are also super easy to get hold of in the supermarket. Or if you’ve been really organised and planted bulbs back in the Autumn, why not cut your own flowers from your garden to display around your house?

4. Decorate an Easter tree

OK, this is the first year I’ve committed to buying and decorating an Easter tree and I. Am. Obsessed. They are much smaller and far less of a faff than a Christmas tree, but are a really lovely feature for a living room or kitchen. Ours is in our living room and it brings me so much joy! I bought a few egg decorations and wooden Easter decorations to put on it and that’s all it needs to bring the Easter vibes. Get yours in either white or yellow from John Lewis here.

5. Put up a Spring garland

I’m a huge fan of garlands on our stairs. Last year I put up an Autumn garland for the first time and it was such a nice addition to our hallway. Obviously Christmas garlands are a big thing, but how about a Spring garland? Any garland with white and yellow flowers is perfect for Easter decor. And, like a Spring wreath, you can leave it up for a little bit longer than just the Easter period.

6. Add soft furnishings in seasonal colours

Think about updating your soft furnishings to match the Spring season. Yellows and whites are obvious, but other pastels work really well too, like pink, green and lilac. The easiest swaps at any time of the year are usually cushions and throws. If you’re hosting for Easter, you can also freshen up table linens like runners and napkins to freshen up your dining room.

7. Make edible Easter treats part of your decor

Easter is truly the season of sweet treats. Mini Eggs, Creme Eggs, cookies, cakes, Easter nests… and of course, Easter eggs! If you’ve baked a batch of delicious cookies, display them in your kitchen on a glass cake stand or put out small jars of mini eggs around the house for whenever you get peckish. If like me, you find yourself getting through vast quantities of mini eggs at this time of year, skip the puny-sized bags in the supermarket and stock up on 1kg bags here.

Where can you buy Easter decorations?

More and more places are now jumping on the Easter decor train. Let’s be honest, it’s an easy sell for the shops! This year, I’ve bought most of our decor from Marks and Spencer and John Lewis. But there are also amazing Easter finds on Etsy, at Next and my other favourite: your local garden centre.

My top tip if you’re planning to decorate your home for Easter is: do your shopping early! The last couple of years when I’ve eventually thought about buying decorations a couple of weeks before, they’ve all been sold out and I’ve not been able to do any decorating for the season.

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