Unboxing The Strathberry East/West Bag

Unboxing The Strathberry East/West Bag

In honour of the New Year I’m happy to bring you my first handbag unboxing of 2023: the Strathberry East/West bag!

This is a gorgeous crossbody and/or shoulder bag that has been on my radar for a couple of years now, but only really made it onto my bag wish list properly at the end of 2022. Strathberry is a Scottish brand and I love that it’s more local than some of the bigger French and Italian fashion houses. It’s also typically been a favourite brand of Meghan Markle, and seeing her wear their bags is how I first discovered the brand.

I saw this beautiful two-tone pink version in the January sale with 20% off and I wanted to treat myself to a coloured bag as most of my collection is much more neutral (lots of black, grey and white).

I’m excited to wear this bag out and about, especially in the Spring and Summer to give a pop of colour to my wardrobe, which is also typically very neutral.

Since I bought my Saint Laurent Loulou in December 2021, I’ve realised I love a crossbody that can also double up as a shoulder bag, so the Strathberry East/West bag fits the bill. It has a gorgeous gold chain that’s securely attached inside the bag – watch the video to see my full first impressions and initial review of the bag.

Click here to buy the Strathberry East/West bag.

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