5 Ways To Decorate Your House In January

5 Ways To Decorate Your House In January

Ah, January. In my opinion, it’s the worst month of the year. But there are ways to make it more bearable, even when we’re forced to spend most of our time indoors and in the dark. This year, I’ve really tried to make an effort with my post-Christmas home decor and it has definitely helped my mood. In this post, I’m sharing 5 ways to decorate your house in January that are easy and affordable. While also keeping your home cosy and welcoming long after you’ve taken down the fairy lights.

1. Artificial flowers

I now have a selection of seasonal artificial flowers I bring out at different times of the year. In January, it’s time to get the tulips out. They add an amazing pop of colour to my kitchen and always make me smile when I see them on the side. Plus, they’re super low maintenance and you can put them out year after year.

2. Real flowers

Although I absolutely love my artificial flowers, let’s not forget the real version. Having a couple of vases of real flowers around your house is a fantastic way to add colour and scent to your home. It’s also a lovely sign of what’s to come when we arrive at Spring in a couple of months’ time.

3. Patterned cushions

Soft furnishings are an excellent way to cheaply and easily style your living room. If you’re anything like me, you spend a lot of time in this part of the house so it’s worth thinking about how to freshen up this space and bring some joy to it during the winter. We don’t have loads of patterns in our house so I like to add interest using cushions and blankets.

My favourite places to pick up cushions at the moment are M&S and Homebase.

4. Candles

There’s something very cosy and relaxing about gorgeous scented candle in pretty much any room in your house. For extra scent, consider getting a matching room spray to spritz around. For a touch of luxury, try the White Company, Jo Malone or Diptyque.

5. Bedding

We recently bought a new bed for our spare bedroom and it was a great opportunity to get some new bedding. I love white bedding with a pattern to keep the look and feel of our bedrooms fresh and relaxing. I definitely believe that the rooms you sleep in should be decorated in line with creating a calm environment that’s conducive to a good night’s sleep. We got this bedding from Dunelm and I also love M&S for affordable but high quality bedding options.

As we’ve been working on getting our house looking the way we want it to, I’ve learned that sometimes it’s the small things that make the biggest difference – you don’t need to repaint all the rooms or spend loads of money.

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