Dress The Bump: 2nd Trimester Outfit Ideas

Dress The Bump: 2nd Trimester Outfit Ideas

Hey there, mum-to-be! If you’re reading this post, you’re probably looking for some outfit inspo to get you through the beautiful yet awkward state of being pregnant. In this post, I’m sharing some 2nd trimester outfit ideas to help you stay looking and feeling your best as your bump grows.

I personally found that I didn’t need to change up my wardrobe too much in my 1st trimester, although I did experience a lot of bloating. This ruled out my regular fitting jeans pretty quickly. But it’s really the last couple of months that have been a bit more challenging in terms of working out what to wear. My bump popped at around 22-23 weeks and is now continuing to grow at quite a fast pace! Here are some favourites in my wardrobe at the moment, from casual every day outfits to dressier options.


As I mentioned, my go-to skinny jeans were the first to make a sharp exit from my wardrobe rotation (from around 6 weeks!). Early on I decided to invest in a couple of pairs of maternity jeans and they have been amazing. I tried some from H&M first that didn’t fit at all but then settled on a couple of pairs of skinny jeans from Seraphine. They’re a maternity brand that have a great range of jeans and the quality is excellent.

When you’re after a comfier option, there’s no denying that leggings work well with a growing bump. I survived in my normal leggings until around 20 weeks. Then I discovered the Lululemon Align leggings and they’ve changed my world. They’re not actually maternity leggings but you’ll find they are highly recommended by pregnant people everywhere as they aren’t see-through, they’re wonderfully soft and they have incredible stretch over the bump.

Tops and jumpers

I’ve learned that when it comes to tops and jumpers, the longer, the better. It’s amazing how much a growing baby bump can shorten a standard top that used to nearly cover your bum. H&M have a great selection of short dresses that work well over jeans and leggings and look more like a top than a dress.

If you have cropped or short jumpers, these can also carry on working for you when you wear a long tank underneath so you’re not exposing your belly. Jumpers are often more generously sized than other tops so you can keep wearing these for a while rather than having to buy a whole new set of maternity-specific jumpers.


There are two approaches to dresses that I love when pregnant: super fitted or super loose. Loose or jumper dresses in your regular pre-pregnancy size will probably still work over your bump for most of your pregnancy (and they’re super comfy!). Then a knitted fitted dress looks amazing when you want to show off your bump.

Another great style for dresses that work with your bump is wrap dresses. This is another way to shop non-maternity dresses that will work during pregnancy, postpartum and when you don’t have a big bump anymore.


I have definitely now reached the point where most of my coats no longer fasten. But that doesn’t mean I can’t still wear them open! If the weather’s a bit chilly and you don’t want to buy a separate maternity coat, you can get coat extenders. Or my preferred option is to wear a big scarf to keep me warm at the front.

However, I would say it’s worth considering getting a dedicated maternity coat if you’re pregnant throughout the winter. They’re cut slightly differently and designed specifically to accommodate bump growth. Plus, a gorgeous new coat that fits well is great motivation for getting outside for a walk when it’s cold out.


My top tip for shoes during winter in the 2nd trimester is: avoid long boots! I love my long boots but to be honest, it’s getting way too hard to get them on. So instead, my top picks are short boots, either heeled or flat. If you still aren’t ready to forgo your heels just yet, try chunky heels for more support. In terms of flats, trainers and slip ons are going to be your best friends at this stage of pregnancy, both for ease of putting on and general comfort.

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